Decision with respect to expectations from the Academy, education policy to be followed, performance measurement of the work of the Academy, financial and human resource management of the Academy, budget, partnerships, infrastructure updating, evaluation of training needs of judicial officers, etc., are to be undertaken by a high-level committee designated as the Governing Council. The Governing Council will meet at such intervals as may be required for smooth functioning of the Academy.


Composition: The Governing Council shall comprise the following:-


i. Chief Justice of the High Court of Meghalaya as the Patron-in-Chief;


ii. Judge-in-Charge of Judicial Training, High Court of Meghalaya;


iii. Secretary to the Law Department, Govt. Of Meghalaya;


iv. Vice Chancellor or his Nominee, North Eastern Hill University;


v. Registrar General of the High Court of Meghalaya, ex-officio Member;


vi. Director of the Judicial Academy, Member Secretary;


vii. 2(two) members nominated by Hon'ble the Chief Justice, High Court of Meghalaya - Special invitees;


The Patron-in-Chief shall preside over all meetings of the General Council, but where he is absent at any meeting, the senior puisne Judge of the High Court of Meghalaya who is a member of the Academy shall preside. In the absence of both of them, the members present shall choose one amongst them to preside over the meeting.


For removal of doubts, it is made clear that the Meghalaya State Judicial Academy shall function as a wing of the High Court.




The Governing Council shall be responsible for the management and administration of the affairs of the Academy in accordance with its rules and the byelaws made thereunder for furtherance of its objects and shall have all powers which may be necessary or expedient for the purpose.


The financial authority of the Academy shall vest in the General Council. The rights and privileges of the General Council shall be:


-To adopt Rules & Regulations of the Academy and amend it from time to time including for the conduct and service conditions of the officers and staff of the Academy;


-To pass the accounts and to consider the Auditor's report;


-To approve programme of activities of the Academy for the ensuing years.


The Governing Council shall have the power:-


-The prepare and execute detailed plans and programmes for furtherance of the objects of the Academy;


-To consider the annual and supplementary budgets placed before it and pass them with such modification as may be deemed necessary;


-To create posts and appoint such staff as may be required for the efficient management of the affairs of the Academy and regulate the recruitment and conditions of service;


-To incur expenditure subject to the provisions of the approved budgets;


-To make, adopt and vary from time to time the bye-laws for the regulation of and for any purpose connected with the management and administration of the affairs of the Academy and for furtherance of its objects;


-To exercise control over the employees of the Academy, including the power of suspension and dismissal;


-To prescribe the powers, functions and duties of the Director of the Academy;


-To select, from time to time, subjects in which studies, researches, trainings and teachings may be conducted by the Academy;


-To hold lectures and seminars and arrange for studies, trainings, researches and conferences in such subjects and in such manners as it may seem fit from time to time;


-To institute and maintain library ir libraries; to purchase all such articles and materials as may be necessary for the Society and for its functioning.



The Governing Council may, by resolution, delegate such administrative, financial and other powers to the Director or any other Officer of the Academy as it may consider necessary and proper.